Fun Ways your Child can Learn about the World through Art

hands full of coloured powder

Introduce the beauty of world art to your child as they learn about cultures, traditions and festivals around the world through their own masterpieces. At C&O, our summer camp buddies experienced the world around us, one passport stamp at a time!

Boosting Creative Expression through Kids Arts and Crafts

closeup of kid painting on calendar from above

Building confidence, fine-tuning motor coordination and bonding are the benefits that come with children’s arts and crafts. Try out these quick and easy crafts that are sure to add laughter (and perhaps some glitter!) everywhere.

5 Engaging Ways to Stay Home with your Child

Mother and daughter doing yoga at home

Staying home during COVID-19 means keeping your family as safe as possible. Navigate stay-home measures while planning activities and useful resources with your child to continue a holistic learning indoors.

Mini Chefs of Chicky & Olive

three small children in apron rolling dough

Mini Chefs of Chicky & Olive Home/Blog Mini Chefs of Chicky & OliveCooking with Toddlers & Preschoolers Share Do you have a little food-tasting connoisseur who is eager to help in the kitchen? Children love helping with food preparation because they learn by using all five senses. At Chicky & Olive, we incorporate culinary arts in both our Playgroup Curriculum and Le Jardin d’Eveil in order to encourage the little ones to develop a positive connection with various types of food, particularly fruits and vegetables, beneficial to build a foundation for good nutrition. So go ahead, organise some fun activities in the kitchen and introduce them to a whole new world of cooking! Engaging all senses. via Giphy Children are …

Dealing with Child Separation Anxiety

closeup of angry anxious little girl screaming

Child Separation Anxiety Home/Blog How To Deal With Child Separation AnxietyTips & Tricks to Ease Separation Anxiety Share Each child responds to situations in a unique way. After spending years joined at the hip with their parents, it’s normal for a child to feel insecure and lost without them. Fearful and anxious behaviour is common in children – especially when they’re being exposed to new situations such as a classroom. They are seeing for the first time, a world where their parents are not by their side 24/7. For some this is an adventure they can’t wait to embark. For others, it incites fear and anxiety. This is known as separation anxiety and while its label may seem daunting, if …

How To Toilet Train Children

toddler on a potty trainer

Are you sick of changing diapers day in and out? Is your child ready to start using the toilet? Get them started with these simple yet effective potty training tips!

3 Ways To Teach A Child Independence

little boy in boots jumping with hands up

Do you do everything on behalf of your child? Give your child the freedom and opportunity to make and learn from their own mistakes. Get started today!

The First Steps to Handwriting

closeup of child learning and practicing cursive handwriting

The First Steps to Handwriting Home/Blog The First Steps To HandwritingTeaching Your Child to Write Share It takes time and practice to get used to perfecting an art. Likewise, when it comes to learning how to write, the aforementioned factors come into play. It is important for children to be exposed to gross motor movement and coordination activities like standing, walking and running. This also helps to naturally generate fine motor skills which are fundamental in developing the basics to handwriting. At Chicky & Olive there are a range of enrichment classes for preschoolers which can help promote fine motor skills. This is a form of preschool enrichment in Singapore that your child can be involved in, to continuously practice …