The First Steps to Handwriting

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child practicing cursive writing on notebook

The First Steps to Handwriting

It takes time and practice to get used to perfecting an art.

Likewise, when it comes to learning how to write, the aforementioned factors come into play.

It is important for children to be exposed to gross motor movement and coordination activities like standing, walking and running. This also helps to naturally generate fine motor skills which are fundamental in developing the basics to handwriting. At Chicky & Olive there are a range of enrichment classes for preschoolers which can help promote fine motor skills. This is a form of preschool enrichment in Singapore that your child can be involved in, to continuously practice and put their motor skills into action.

With practice, comes perfect. A constant engagement in gross motor activities will allow children to stimulate their fit bodies along with their kinetic senses. This will enable them to get in tune with their general body coordination before they can refine their fine motor skills.

Allow me to elaborate. The Orton Gillingham approach in writing encourages children to trace letters in the air by operating their entire arm, instead of just their fingers. By familiarising themselves with big movements first, children are able to get more comfortable when we downsize the actions and start performing smaller motions. From here, children are exposed to the start of how letters are written. This is very helpful when the child first grasps the pencil between their fingers to pen down their first words.

With that, wouldn’t it be exciting to witness your child write for the first time? Read on to find out more about the first steps to your child’s handwriting.

Get Their Muscles Ready

child colouring on christmas drawings

It is impossible to force a child to hold a pencil. They have to be ready for it.

It is equally distressing to watch them struggling when it comes to writing. It may also put you off if they take a long time to do so. This is when you take a step back and attempt other methods of getting your child to write. Before a child can start writing, it is necessary to build their muscle strength.

Some of these activities include squishing their favourite soft toys to get their finger muscles pumping. Painting is another fun option, as they paint on the white canvas provided, children can improve their spatial awareness as they learn to work within the restricted canvas space. Also, through welding paint brushes of different sizes, children can enhance their arm muscle coordination. Construction skills like using Lego, train tracks or play dough are good examples. A simple ball throwing activity can also aid in hand and eye coordination. To build up their cardiovascular stamina, get them moving and involve them in sports activities like skipping, running and climbing.

These are some methods that will help to develop and refine motor skills which are essential to maintaining small muscle movements.
To further work on refining your child’s fine motor skills, you can get them enrolled in the Culinary Arts program at Chicky & Olive, a preschool enrichment in Singapore. They will be exposed to cooking in a more fun way! These enrichment classes for preschoolers will provide them with the hand-on practical experience necessary to develop their fine motor skills as they work with cooking tools such as the ladle to scoop soup or whisks to whip flour.
These enrichment activities in Singapore, like those at Chicky & Olive will surely meet your expectations if you wish to immerse your child in skills and activities that can help them grow more effectively. They are perfect for the holidays!

How to Teach Grip

little boy watercoloring on paper

With the right muscle strength developed, children can slowly move on to refining their grip. The tripod grip is used to define a proper pencil grip. This grip is a special skill that has to be taught and performed repeatedly several times.

Before placing the pencil in the child’s hand, it is critical to determine which hand is stronger. This also determines if your child is right-handed or left-handed.

How do you do the tripod grip?

You can begin by gradually flexing the fingers to the right position on the pencil. This will encourage the child to keep their pinky finger and ring finger on the palm so that they can perform the task. Next, teach the child how to manipulate the pencil by slowly moving more of the fingers rather than the wrist.

After your child practices doodling, painting and colouring, the tripod grip will become as easy as learning A-B-C! Parents play an important role in demonstrating and correcting the technique to a proper grip on a step-by-step basis.

In addition to that, the Creative Visual Arts Class, a preschool enrichment in Singapore at Chicky & Olive can help children engage in the process of creating art to improve their fine motor skills. This is just one way to constantly get your child involved in enrichment classes for preschoolers. The Creative Visual Arts Class, includes a combination of enrichment activities for preschoolers like drawing, painting and colouring.

There are many methods to teach your child how to write. Have fun learning and growing with your child and creating precious memories as you see your child blossom every day. At Chicky & Olive, we believe that children should learn to play and play to learn! Check out all our assortment of enrichment activities for preschoolers available for your child’s growth and development.

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