New Year, New Dreams!

New Year New Dreams blog feature image

Starting from a clean slate so let’s load up some awesome activities that will take your child well into the year ahead!

5 Benefits of Playground Play

child playing on see saw in playground

Build on your child’s self-confidence as they work on their skills of memory, judgement and perception through play.

Coming Full Circle with Yayoi Kusama

Yayoi Kusama Polka Dot Pumpkin Sculpture

From polka dots to pumpkins, Yayoi Kusama’s obsession with circles had great influence on her masterpieces which remarkably fascinated the world–and now, our C&O kids.

Fun Ways your Child can Learn about the World through Art

hands full of coloured powder

Introduce the beauty of world art to your child as they learn about cultures, traditions and festivals around the world through their own masterpieces. At C&O, our summer camp buddies experienced the world around us, one passport stamp at a time!

Boosting Creative Expression through Kids Arts and Crafts

closeup of kid painting on calendar from above

Building confidence, fine-tuning motor coordination and bonding are the benefits that come with children’s arts and crafts. Try out these quick and easy crafts that are sure to add laughter (and perhaps some glitter!) everywhere.

5 Engaging Ways to Stay Home with your Child

Mother and daughter doing yoga at home

Staying home during COVID-19 means keeping your family as safe as possible. Navigate stay-home measures while planning activities and useful resources with your child to continue a holistic learning indoors.

Mini Chefs of Chicky & Olive

three small children in apron rolling dough

Do you have a little food-tasting connoisseur who is eager to help in the kitchen? Children love helping with food preparation because they learn by using all five senses. At Chicky & Olive, we incorporate culinary arts in both our Playgroup Curriculum and Le Jardin d’Eveil in order to encourage the little ones to develop a positive connection with various types of food, particularly fruits and vegetables, beneficial to build a foundation for good nutrition.