christmas ginger bread house decorating


Dec/Jan 2020

An enriching holiday experience awaits your child! Each week brings a theme of its own for your child to fully explore, learn, understand and create crafts and culinary specials. They will engage in valuable learning concepts as we introduce material, vocabulary and ingredients unique to the holiday season. Come on board the C&O’s Camp Holiday Cheer, as we immerse in the festive spirit and welcome the brand new year ahead!

$170 / week

3 to 6 years

kids group activity - outdoor ice painting


Jul/Aug 2020

Get ready for a dynamic summer experience! This July, we are introducing six weeks of fun activities to boost your child’s learning experience. Each unique weekly theme brings in valuable learning concepts with arts and crafts, music, building on motor skills and social behaviour, outdoor play as well as out-of-the-box thinking. We’re taking summer fun and learning to the next level!

$280 / week

2 to 5 years