two children lying and reading a book and smiling
Join us for an unforgettable summer at our Chinese Immersion camp, featuring the enchanting stories of Édouard Manceau. This exciting program is crafted to ignite curiosity and create lasting memories. From the whimsical adventures in "My Nose is Tickling" to the thrilling countdown in "The Rocket," children will enjoy interactive storytime, engaging activities, and immersive language learning. Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity—secure your child’s spot today and make this summer truly extraordinary!

Camp Details

Age Group

3 to 6 Years


8th July - 8th August
(Full day cum childcare)


9:00 - 15:30


French & English

Class Size

Maximum 15

Class Staff

2 teachers




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My nose is tickling, tickling, tickling, and... ACHOO!
There goes my nose flying away. And it's replaced by: a sock, a sausage, a strawberry, a pencil... Are you out of your mind? Luckily, that mischievous nose comes back with a twirl! In this humorous book, the character's silhouette repeats, but each page brings a surprise! Instead of a nose, you find a real object or its tactile imitation. You can also touch the character’s eyes and mouth, which change shape with their emotions. The illustrations are outlined in black to enhance contrast. For fun and experimentation, it allows you to replace the nose with different objects or even your own nose! A funny and effective book to explore your face while playing and connecting with everyday objects!
Madame Cocotte
First, a hen, Madame Cocotte, looks at her egg with surprise. What is this? A little white circle? No, it’s a little house. But who lives there? To find out, Madame Cocotte must remove her little hat, take off her little boots, put away her little beak, unfold her little wings, shed her little feathers, and close her little eyes... Knock-knock? And there he is... Monsieur Piou-piou comes out of his little house to give her a big hug. Édouard Manceau presents his whimsical, tender, and unique take on the chicken-or-egg paradox: the hen becomes an egg which then becomes a chick!
Jojo the terror
Jojo really wants to play a prank on his mom. But for that, he will need a long straight nose, big teeth, claws, and black fur. Howl! It works! But frightened, his mom runs away! Quickly, he has to turn back to normal to find her. Fortunately, his mom knows her little rascal well and waits nearby to give him a hug.
Tickle Monster
Here’s a monster, really scary, to whom we shout loudly: "Boo! You want to eat me whole, you big pickle! But I’m not afraid of you! I tickle your horns... You can't attack me anymore, you big pickle! I tickle under your arms..." Page by page, the reader tickles different parts of the monster’s body, which gradually deconstructs: the horns turn into a moon, the arms and legs plant like trees, the belly becomes a house... And the monster transforms into the child’s comforting universe. A playful and interactive book to chase away the night monsters.
The rocket
10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0! This book's text is a countdown to build, page by page, like a construction game, Edouard Manceau's rocket. First, 10 red bricks, then 9 blue bars, then 8 red rungs... 4 yellow portholes... 2 white astronauts... 1 flame: and lift-off! The rocket takes off, leaves the page, and BOOM! explodes mid-flight. All the elements that made up the rocket fall back into the book, neatly aligned and well-organized. Time to start again! A clever, simple book that delights older kids learning to count down and younger ones who marvel at seeing the rocket come together before their eyes.