Kindergarten @ Medway

Self-development through Exploration

Our Kindergarten programme @ Medway is designed help your child develop independence, a sense of empathy, social-emotional skills and a love for learning.

We include the Moyenne Section (equiv. to Kindergarten 1) and Grande Section (equiv. to Kindergarten 2), incorporating similar lessons to facilitate a smooth transition to the next educational phase.

Programme Details

Age Group

Children  4 - 6 years old


English, French & Mandarin taught in equal parity

Class Size

Max. 16 students; 8:1 child-to-teacher ratio

Days / Frequency

Mon - Fri, 5 days/week


Full-day only


9am to 3pm

Programme Focus

Our Kindergarten Curriculum is designed to provide your child with play-based learning, exposing them to diverse activities to foster positive self-concepts.

Mobilising the Language in all its Dimensions

Children learn to communicate and express themselves using oral language. With the opportunity to speak and explain their experiences, they can acquire complex grammar rules and expand their vocabulary.

Becoming a Student

When children learn to recognise themselves as a person, play with others in a group and respect the rules of a group environment, they start to see how they contribute to the setting. Learning their role and place in the school community eases the transition from a child to becoming a student.

Discovering the  World

Children learn to use spatial and temporal benchmarks to discover and understand the world around them. With asking questions, hearing different points of view, manipulating numbers, and classifying different shapes and objects, they learn to think logically and distinguish living from non-living things.

Moving and Expressing Themselves

Through free or guided physical education and sports activities, children learn to express themselves through their bodies. They learn to follow rules in games, and to express themselves artistically through dance activities as well. They learn to move, balance, jump, run, manipulate objects and to catch.

Observing, Feeling, Imagining and Creating

We awaken children’s artistic sensibility. Through drawing, painting and craftwork, children learn to express themselves artistically. Through singing, using one’s voice, and listening, we increase sensory awareness.

Ecology & Sustainability

A natural part of our curriculum infuses the importance of ecology and sustainability in our learning journey. Teaching environmentally friendly habits to our children helps them awaken their curiosity and desire to know more about the world around them.

A Typical Day

  • Welcome and reception
  • Circle time and morning rituals
  • Play-based project (sensory, fine motor skills building, arts, early math and numeracy)
  • Recess: outdoor free play
  • Snack time
  • Play-based project (language, shapes, numeracy, physical activity, guided exploration)
  • Literacy, numeracy and exploration activity
  • Lunch break
  • Quiet time
  • Snack time
  • Afternoon session dismissal
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